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GS2021 Integrated PhD : Final selection list

Final selection list for the GS2021 Integrated PhD Program. The official communication will follow very soon.

Sl No.Ref No.Name
1 GS2021MTHIPH001903 Mr Aniket Chakraborty
2 GS2021MTHIPH007839 Mr Aadi Bhure
3 GS2021MTHIPH012394 Mr Abhirup Chatterjee
4 GS2021MTHIPH015938 Mr Gaurav Aggarwal
5 GS2021MTHIPH021882 Mr Shubham Belwal
6 GS2021MTHIPH024687 Ms Neha
7 GS2021MTHIPH002613 Mr Indranil Bhattacharyya
8 GS2021MTHIPH012761 Mr Ayush Bohra
9 GS2021MTHIPH012876 Mr Souryajit Roy
10 GS2021MTHIPH013240 Ms Poonam Nayak
11 GS2021MTHIPH018027 Mr Shantanu Anil Deodhar
12 GS2021MTHIPH024885 Mr Rahul Vaishnav
13 GS2021MTHIPH027434 Mr Anirban Das
14 GS2021MTHIPH004564 Mr Ritwik Roy
15 GS2021MTHIPH005340 Mr Krishnendu Kar
16 GS2021MTHIPH005560 Mr Agniv Bandyopadhyay
17 GS2021MTHIPH020491 Mr Tirtharaj Basu
18 GS2021MTHIPH030269 Mr Sagar Gohri