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Theme for TIFR Centre For Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore


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Student Support Cell

Centre Student Support Cell (cSSC)

Role of cSSC

1. Student Development

Coordinate programmes on developing soft skills (CV building, networking, entrepreneurship, local volunteering/outreach opportunities etc.). Offer these programs across all centers/units using both online and in-person events.

2. Career Guidance

a) The SSC should collate a list of opportunities for PhD degree holders and display these on a suitable website linked to the TIFR GS Office site. Faculty across the system are encouraged to inform SSC of any opportunities in their field, and these can be routed through SSC to the TIFR GS Office who will ensure that only the most up-to-date information is posted.

b) The SCC should provide access to resource people (from TIFR or outside) who listen to students and provide tangible advice on career trajectories. Resource people can be drawn from academia, industry, NGOs, government, publishing etc. and provide mentoring on timelines, and access to ‘post-submission’ short-term opportunities and “extern-ships” to explore non-academic science careers

3. Community and Identity Building

Networking between student bodies across the TIFR system. A pan-TIFR student-led symposia rotating between centres/units could be considered.

4. Wellness and Mental Health

Organizing workshops on self-awareness, mental well-being, establishing listening groups and ensuring equitable access to resources at TIFR or in the local area.

5. Increasing Student Engagement

Acting as a bridge between students and the faculty/admin to provide inputs in some aspects of campus life that can affect them (canteen, library, medical, housing etc.).

Office Orders

1 November 09, 2023 Constitution of cSSC at CAM