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Theme for TIFR Centre For Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore


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Management Board

Members of Management Board


  • Prof J N Chengalur, Chairperson (Director, TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Prof K Sandeep (Dean, TIFR CAM, Bangalore )
  • Prof Mahan Mj (Dean, School of Maths, TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Prof Indranil Biswas (School of Maths, TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Prof R Gopakumar ( Director, ICTS, Bangalore)
  • Prof Mythily Ramaswamy (ICTS Bangalore)
  • Prof P K Srinivasan ( TIFR CAM, Bangalore)
  • Prof Siddhartha Mishra ( ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Col Rajeev Anand (Retd) (Registrar, TIFR, Mumbai)