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Women's Cell

Centre has a Women Cell consisting of the following to redress the grievances of women working and pursuing courses in the Centre. The Cell will also serve as Internal Complaint Committee to look into the issue of sexual harassment of women at work place.


Composition of the Committee

Mrs Pramila Kumari TIFR CAM, Bangalore Chairperson
Ms Poorna R Alternate Law Forum, Bangalore External Member
Dr Shachi Gosavi NCBS, Bangalore Member
Dr R Sivaguru TIFR CAM, Bangalore Member
Ms Nisha Singhal TIFR CAM, Bangalore Member



DateNotification Description
25th February, 2022 ICC Members updated
18th August, 2021 ICC Members updated
14th December, 2020 ICC Updates  
3rd  November, 2020 Internal complaint committee Formation


Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan

  1. Conduct yearly Prevention of Sexual Harrassment (PoSH) training sessions to the incoming graduate students during the orientation programme.
  2. Conduct periodic PoSH training sessions to sensitize new employees (faculty/postdoc/staff/contract workers) joining TIFR-CAM.
  3. Engage in periodic discussions in faculty meetings (and other relevant forums) regarding steps that can be taken to improve the representation of women at all levels in TIFR-CAM.
  4. Organize special workshops and outreach events targeted at women (and members of other underrepresented groups in Mathematics) at the undergraduate level to encourage them to pursue a career in Mathematics.
  5. Commemorate International Day of Women & Girls in Science on 11th February with lectures by experts on gender issues in science.
  6. Commemorate International Women's Day on 8th March with pan-TIFR events such as lectures, screening of films concerning gender discrimination and/or lives of women scientists, and panel discussions on ways to improve the workplace environment in TIFR.