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Sreekar Vadlamani

Sreekar Vadlamani

Associate Professor (G)

Room No.212
Office Phone: +91 80 6695-3741


Research Interests

  • stochastic analysis and random fields.

My research interests lie at the intersection of statistics, probability and (integral) geometry. I use the tools from the theory of statistics and probability to solve problems which have an applied flavour.

Stochastic analysis and geometry: Starting with a Brownian flow, I worked on understanding how certain global geometric characteristics of a smooth manifold evolve under the flow. Clearly, varying the type of flow would certainly change the evolution of the geometric characteristics. However, not much is known when one considers non Brownian flows.

Random fields and geometry: Random fields are random functions which are defined on certain parameter space. My interest lies in understanding distributional characteristics of excursion sets of smooth (Gaussian) random fields. Specifically, we established central limit theorem for the volume, surface area, and other integral geometric characteristics of the excursion sets of (Gaussian) random fields under appropriate regularity conditions.

Indian summer monsoon: In the past few years, I have been involved in a research project related to understanding the spatio-temporal variability of the Indian summer monsoon. It’s an ongoing project which has evolved from an empirical study to understanding a complex high dimensional dynamical system.

Statistics, quantiles and risk measures: In another ongoing project, we are studying various ways of determining order in multivariate data, and hence defining quantiles in the multivariate setup. These questions are motivated by the need to define multivariate risk measures which have immense potential for applications.