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GS2024 Integrated PhD Programme: Final selection list

Final selection list for the GS2024 Integrated PhD Programme. The official communication will follow very soon.


#Reference NoFull Name
1 GS2024MTHIPH004903 Mr Aritra Paul
2 GS2024MTHIPH002212 Mr Arpan Pal
3 GS2024MTHIPH018279 Mr Darshan Vinod Shanbhag
4 GS2024MTHIPH000589 Mr Debjit Ghoshal
5 GS2024MTHIPH014795 Mr Dikshant Goel
6 GS2024MTHIPH014322 Mr Kartick Samanta
7 GS2024MTHIPH000777 Mr Kartikey Verma
8 GS2024MTHIPH005811 Mr Maharshi Borah
9 GS2024MTHIPH010057 Mr Om Sai
10 GS2024MTHIPH006580 Ms Pranchal
11 GS2024MTHIPH014172 Mr Shreyas Suresh
12 GS2024MTHIPH002939 Ms Shubhangi Arora
13 GS2024MTHIPH018650 Mr Sohan Manna
14 GS2024MTHIPH006793 Ms Sonali Pradhan
15 GS2024MTHIPH003182 Ms Sonika
16 GS2024MTHIPH003724 Mr Subham Chatterjee