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GS2022 Integrated PhD: Final selection list

Final selection list for the GS2022 Integrated PhD Programme. The official communication will follow very soon.

#Reference #Name
1 GS2022MTHIPH000542 Shantabrata Saha
2 GS2022MTHIPH000593 Kousik Samanta
3 GS2022MTHIPH000811 Amritendu Hait
4 GS2022MTHIPH000878 Anupam Nayak
5 GS2022MTHIPH001533 Amartya Muthal
6 GS2022MTHIPH002378 Keshav Sharma
7 GS2022MTHIPH004513 Sahil Reja
8 GS2022MTHIPH006938 Pradipta Chatterjee
9 GS2022MTHIPH007442 Aniruddha Bhattacharjee
10 GS2022MTHIPH008301 Siva S
11 GS2022MTHIPH009821 Aaryan Ajit Chodenkar
12 GS2022MTHIPH010447 Shuvam Kundu
13 GS2022MTHIPH013484 Russell Dcruz
14 GS2022MTHIPH013548 Anant Narayanan
15 GS2022MTHIPH015156 Sampurna Mondal
16 GS2022MTHIPH015443 Jatin Talreja
17 GS2022MTHIPH016059 Aniket Pal