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GS2020 : PhD Entrance test result

Candidates selected for the second stage of joint CAM-ICTS PhD Program.

Interview Venue : ICTS TIFR, Bangalore


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Sl. No. Ref. No. Name Interview Date
1 GS2020MTHPHD00829 Soumik Ghosh 30-Apr-2020
2 GS2020MTHPHD00697 Sourav Ghosh 30-Apr-2020
3 GS2020MTHPHD00637 Arkamouli Debnath 30-Apr-2020
4 GS2020MTHPHD00592 Sunil Rampuria 30-Apr-2020
5 GS2020MTHPHD00698 Arunabha Mukhopadhyay 30-Apr-2020
6 GS2020MTHPHD00854 Uday Sureshbhai Patel 30-Apr-2020
7 GS2020MTHPHD00753 Raju Dey 30-Apr-2020
8 GS2020MTHPHD01404 Shabarish C H 30-Apr-2020
9 GS2020MTHPHD01310 Amit Kumar 01-May-2020
10 GS2020MTHPHD00081 Aanjaneya Rath 01-May-2020
11 GS2020MTHPHD00396 Suraj Panigrahy 01-May-2020
12 GS2020MTHPHD00043 Prajnanaswaroopa S 01-May-2020
13 GS2020MTHPHD01041 Divya 01-May-2020
14 GS2020MTHPHD01191 Deepa Sahchari 01-May-2020
15 GS2020MTHPHD00817 Deblina Dey 01-May-2020
16 GS2020MTHPHD00580 Aratrika Pandey 01-May-2020