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GS2020 : Final selection list for the Integrated PhD Programme

Tentative date for commencing online classes for GS 2020 Int. PhD Program students are from 01st Sept.2020. Email is sent to  all candidates who have accepted the offer of admission, to their registered email id, requesting them to send confirmation with regard to attending the same on or before 17th Aug 2020. Please check your email.

Final selection list for the Integrated PhD Programme at TIFR CAM

1 GS2020MTHIPH000336 Aritra Bera Int. PhD
2 GS2020MTHIPHO20500  Arnab Chowdhury Int. PhD
3 GS2020MTHIPHO21728  Dheeraj Dileep Int. PhD
4 GS2020MTHIPH007558 Gitansh Dandona Int. PhD
5 GS2020MTHIPH023127  K. Sathasivam Int. PhD
6 GS2020MTHIPH006030 Kaustabh Mondal Int. PhD
7 GS2020MTHIPH035075 Nisha Int. PhD
8 GS2020MTHIPH030293  Parasuram Venkatesh Int. PhD
9 GS2020MTHIPH007112  Parth Prashant Karnawat Int. PhD
10 GS2020MTHIPH035296  Praneet Srivastava Int. PhD
11 GS2020MTHIPH000321  Rajat Int. PhD
12 GS2020MTHIPH004445 Riddhiman Paul   Int. PhD
13 GS2020MTHIPH025501 Sayantan Chakraborty   Int. PhD
14 GS2020MTHIPH010980 Shubham Kumar Int. PhD
15 GS2020MTHIPH035993  Siddharth Mulherkar Int. PhD
16 GS2020MTHIPH003230  Sudeep Shaw Int. PhD
17 GS2020MTHIPH031444  Suhas Devraj Rao Int. PhD