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GS2020 : Integrated PhD Entrance Test Result

List of students shortlisted for second stage of selection for integrated PhD Programme 2020 at TIFR CAM, Bangalore.


Sl No. Ref.Number Name Interview Date
1 GS2020MTHIPH000070 Mr Antony Joseph Azhikkakath Monday,16-March-2020
2 GS2020MTHIPH000274 Mr Rahul Ghosh Monday,16-March-2020
3 GS2020MTHIPH000336 Mr Aritra Bera Monday,16-March-2020
4 GS2020MTHIPH000351 Mr Abhishek Mourya Monday,16-March-2020
5 GS2020MTHIPH000485 Mr Tanush Monday,16-March-2020
6 GS2020MTHIPH000501 Mr Arnab Roy Monday,16-March-2020
7 GS2020MTHIPH000509 Mr Abhiram Hegade Monday,16-March-2020
8 GS2020MTHIPH000747 Mr Avas Banerjee Monday,16-March-2020
9 GS2020MTHIPH000881 Mr Dushyant Kumar Singh Monday,16-March-2020
10 GS2020MTHIPH001226 Mr Ashish Monday,16-March-2020
11 GS2020MTHIPH001259 Mr Anirban Ghosh Monday,16-March-2020
12 GS2020MTHIPH001354 Mr Vrushabh Bharat Pawar Monday,16-March-2020
13 GS2020MTHIPH001892 Mr Karambir Das Monday,16-March-2020
14 GS2020MTHIPH001977 Mr Arghan Dutta Monday,16-March-2020
15 GS2020MTHIPH021728 Mr Dheeraj Dileep Monday,16-March-2020
16 GS2020MTHIPH000321 Mr Rajat Tuesday,17-March-2020
17 GS2020MTHIPH001998 Mr Jay Vyas Tuesday,17-March-2020
18 GS2020MTHIPH002000 Mr Abhijit Gayen Tuesday,17-March-2020
19 GS2020MTHIPH002546 Mr Aman Singh Tuesday,17-March-2020
20 GS2020MTHIPH003431 Mr S. Viswanathan Tuesday,17-March-2020
21 GS2020MTHIPH003780 Mr Supriya Saha Tuesday,17-March-2020
22 GS2020MTHIPH004166 Mr Amartya Chakrabortty Tuesday,17-March-2020
23 GS2020MTHIPH004200 Mr Akshay Sant Tuesday,17-March-2020
24 GS2020MTHIPH004378 Mr Ankit Kumar Tuesday,17-March-2020
25 GS2020MTHIPH004385 Mr Mohd Nawaz Zaki Siddiqui Tuesday,17-March-2020
26 GS2020MTHIPH004400 Mr Dhiraj Kumar Gogoi Tuesday,17-March-2020
27 GS2020MTHIPH004445 Mr Riddhiman Paul Tuesday,17-March-2020
28 GS2020MTHIPH004659 Mr Vipul Tuesday,17-March-2020
29 GS2020MTHIPH004801 Mr Ajeet Singh Tuesday,17-March-2020
30 GS2020MTHIPH035296 Mr Praneet Srivastava Tuesday,17-March-2020
31 GS2020MTHIPH005042 Mr Tushar Arora Wednesday,18-March-2020
32 GS2020MTHIPH005791 Mr Ravindra Bishnoi Wednesday,18-March-2020
33 GS2020MTHIPH005914 Ms Bhavna Ashok Joshi Wednesday,18-March-2020
34 GS2020MTHIPH006030 Mr Kaustabh Mondal Wednesday,18-March-2020
35 GS2020MTHIPH007100 Mr Sourish Parag Maniyar Wednesday,18-March-2020
36 GS2020MTHIPH007112 Mr Parth Prashant Karnawat Wednesday,18-March-2020
37 GS2020MTHIPH007558 Mr Gitansh Dandona Wednesday,18-March-2020
38 GS2020MTHIPH007930 Mr Dev Ranjan Pandey Wednesday,18-March-2020
39 GS2020MTHIPH008417 Mr Subhadeep Banik Wednesday,18-March-2020
40 GS2020MTHIPH009502 Mr Govind Godara Wednesday,18-March-2020
41 GS2020MTHIPH010980 Mr Shubham Kumar Wednesday,18-March-2020
42 GS2020MTHIPH013499 Mr Shivam Wednesday,18-March-2020
43 GS2020MTHIPH018343 Mr Roktim Mascharak Wednesday,18-March-2020
44 GS2020MTHIPH023127 Mr Sathasivam K Wednesday,18-March-2020
45 GS2020MTHIPH002488 Mr Sourav Dey Thursday,19-March-2020
46 GS2020MTHIPH013839 Ms Simran Thursday,19-March-2020
47 GS2020MTHIPH014403 Ms Barnali Jana Thursday,19-March-2020
48 GS2020MTHIPH015014 Mr Aniket Chakraborty Thursday,19-March-2020
49 GS2020MTHIPH015143 Mr Teja Ram Godara Thursday,19-March-2020
50 GS2020MTHIPH015155 Mr Siddharth Jindal Thursday,19-March-2020
51 GS2020MTHIPH015581 Mr Surajit Pal Thursday,19-March-2020
52 GS2020MTHIPH015899 Mr Sudip Dolai Thursday,19-March-2020
53 GS2020MTHIPH015990 Mr Ashif Khan Thursday,19-March-2020
54 GS2020MTHIPH017678 Ms Sonika Thursday,19-March-2020
55 GS2020MTHIPH018029 Mr Biswarup Saha Thursday,19-March-2020
56 GS2020MTHIPH018230 Mr Tarun Kumar Garg Thursday,19-March-2020
57 GS2020MTHIPH018316 Ms Divya Singh Jadon Thursday,19-March-2020
58 GS2020MTHIPH035993 Mr Siddharth Mulherkar Thursday,19-March-2020
59 GS2020MTHIPH003230 Mr Sudeep Shaw Friday,20-March-2020
60 GS2020MTHIPH003871 Mr Subham Jaiswal Friday,20-March-2020
61 GS2020MTHIPH018525 Mr Harsh Khandelwal Friday,20-March-2020
62 GS2020MTHIPH019755 Ms Preeti Friday,20-March-2020
63 GS2020MTHIPH019766 Ms Tithi Gupta Friday,20-March-2020
64 GS2020MTHIPH020049 Ms Kirti Friday,20-March-2020
65 GS2020MTHIPH020500 Mr Arnab Chowdhury Friday,20-March-2020
66 GS2020MTHIPH020544 Mr Rahul Kumar Friday,20-March-2020
67 GS2020MTHIPH022307 Mr Ujjwal Saxena Friday,20-March-2020
68 GS2020MTHIPH022936 Mr Aniket Prasad Friday,20-March-2020
69 GS2020MTHIPH024375 Mr Samrat Maji Friday,20-March-2020
70 GS2020MTHIPH025089 Mr Vinay Milind Deshpande Friday,20-March-2020
71 GS2020MTHIPH025501 Mr Sayantan Chakraborty Friday,20-March-2020
72 GS2020MTHIPH026748 Mr Rittayan Santra Friday,20-March-2020
73 GS2020MTHIPH000123 Mr Umasankar Khatua Saturday,21-March-2020
74 GS2020MTHIPH000383 Mr Sumit Kumar Singh Saturday,21-March-2020
75 GS2020MTHIPH028817 Ms Sudipa Das Saturday,21-March-2020
76 GS2020MTHIPH029141 Mr Divya Jyoti Bajpai Saturday,21-March-2020
77 GS2020MTHIPH030293 Mr Parasuram Venkatesh Saturday,21-March-2020
78 GS2020MTHIPH030470 Ms Kriti Gupta Saturday,21-March-2020
79 GS2020MTHIPH030557 Mr Ayush Khare Saturday,21-March-2020
80 GS2020MTHIPH031168 Mr Vishnu Kumar Saini Saturday,21-March-2020
81 GS2020MTHIPH031226 Ms Neha Shailesh Goregaokar Saturday,21-March-2020
82 GS2020MTHIPH031443 Ms Moni Aggarwal Saturday,21-March-2020
83 GS2020MTHIPH031444 Mr Suhas Devraj Rao Saturday,21-March-2020
84 GS2020MTHIPH031630 Mr Jhantu Pal Saturday,21-March-2020
85 GS2020MTHIPH032278 Mr Mohd Faizan Saturday,21-March-2020
86 GS2020MTHIPH035075 Ms Nisha Saturday,21-March-202