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Course Structure

Integrated PhD Programme Course Structure


Semester 1Semester 3
MTH-101.4 Real Analysis MTH-201.4 Introductory PDE
MTH-102.4 Topology MTH-202.4 Probability Theory

MTH-103.4 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

MTH-203.4 Complex Analysis
MTH-104.4 Linear Algebra MTH-204.4 Advanced Functional Analysis
Semester 2Semester 4
MTH-105.4 Advanced Calculus & Geometry MTH-205.4 Algebra
MTH-106.4 Functional Analysis MTH-206.4 Computational PDE
MTH-107.4 Measure Theory MTH-207.4 Advanced PDE
MTH-108.4 Numerical Analysis

MTH-21*.4 Elective Course

MTH-109.4 Python Programming

(Non-credit course with S/U Grade)

To view syllabus click on the following links.

Semester 1 | Semester 2 | Semester 3 | Semester 4